“Elite Sports Advising is very educated on the process, respectful, and most importantly, trustworthy.”

“It is hard to find people you can trust. Coaches, evaluators, scouts and others are not always telling players things that are benefiting them. Elite Sports Advising is 100% in favor of the player/family and helping them find the best fit. This is the hardest thing to come by in the recruiting process,
but the reason Justin and the Elite Team have changed the recruiting world.”

Michael Busch

LA Dodgers 2019 1st Round
Draft Pick, University of North Carolina

Jake Irvin

Washington Nationals,
University of Oklahoma

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Elite’s help.”

The Elite Team is extremely well versed in the recruiting process and have great connections all around the country. Working with them was a first class experience and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. Not only are they great at their jobs, but they are great people as well, and take a lot of pride in what they do.”

“Without the help of Elite Sports Advising, it’s very likely that I never would have found the right school for me to develop.” “Years before I made my Major League debut, I was just another high school player hoping to get a chance to play division 1 baseball. Not only was I uninformed about the recruiting process, but I didn’t even really know where to start. Without the help of Elite Sports Advising, it’s very likely that I never would have found the right school for me to develop, and therefore I never would have even had a chance of playing professionally, let alone making it to the Majors. Thank you!”

Joey Gerber

Seattle Mariners, University of Illinois

Testimonials Continued

“There was no way we could have managed this process on our own without their guidance.” Tony Horvath Parent of Mac Horvath (University of North Carolina)

“I can’t say enough about how Elite Sports Advising helped us navigate through the maze of today’s recruiting environment. Every bit of advice they gave us was spot on. We didn’t realize how fast the process moved and the stayed with us every step of the way. Elite’s knowledge of the college baseball community helped guide us to the right events maximizing my son’s exposure and saving us time and money. My son was able to receive an offer from a school that will be a great fit for him.”


“Elite Sports Advising played a very important role in my son’s recruiting process. In particular, Elite brought a breadth of knowledge and relationships that my family was able to use to make an informed decision. The college baseball recruiting landscape can be intimidating; having someone like Elite made the process much more manageable and thoughtful.”

Craig Nard
parent of Gabriel Nard (Duke)

“From the very first meeting through the last meeting, Elite Sports Advising was absolutely terrific in how they worked with Jacob to enable him to have the opportunity to play D1 baseball. And while we’re absolutely thrilled with the results, we’re probably most appreciative of the process – the growth and development that occurred in Jacob as a result of many good conversations and milestones along the way.”

Mike & Jaci Mrosko
parents of Jacob Mrosko (Purdue)

“Our son recently committed to Vanderbilt University – as a freshman. We had no idea that the college recruiting process today begins at such a young age. Elite schooled us in the recruitment process, used their tremendous contact network to open doors for us, offered sound advice and counsel on visiting schools and interacting with coaches. With Elite’s help, we received multiple, top-dollar, scholarship offers from these schools. We could not have found a more trust-worthy, professional and high-integrity advisor to partner with in this process.”

David Hunt and Joan Stavely
parents of Sam Hunt (Vanderbilt)

“I am glad that we chose to work with Elite versus trying to navigate it on our own. They simplify the process for both athlete and family. Every high school athlete requires a proactive approach that starts early in their high school career. Elite advises you on the showcases and events that your athlete should attend. It takes a well-connected and well respected advisor like Elite to open the doors to match your student athlete with the right college. I highly recommend Elite Sports Advising to any high school athlete looking for honest answers and excellent results!”

Joyce Ramsey,
parent of Jim Ramsey (University of Kentucky)

“Elite helped our family efficiently navigate the world of college athletic recruiting. From start to finish they helped us get through the process with little wasted time and money. They helped our son achieve his goal of playing the highest-level baseball at the best academic school he could. Before this, we wasted considerable resources on camps and showcases that had little possibility of getting him where he wanted to go. We found Elite to be honest, available, and realistic. Elite focused on schools that our son was interested in, and their relationships with coaches around the country helped immeasurably.”

Tom & Darla Eilen
parents of Henry Eilen (Dartmouth)

“The recruiting process is both exciting and stressful, having Elite Sports Advising by our side was invaluable. Elite’s guidance was always spot on and made our decision so much less difficult. Their relationships with coaches and their understanding of the entire process were a great comfort for us through this process. They always put us in front of the right people at the right time.”

Chris & Jen Loer
parents of Justin Loer (Xavier)

“We were most impressed by the relationship Elite developed with our son. Advising him not only on the process but also on his development as a player. Elite made him feel like he was important and comfortable – they care about the athlete beyond the field. Our son’s opportunities would not have been available without Elite’s connectivity to the collegiate baseball programs around the country. Their knowledge of the colleges, sports programs and desire to help the athlete find the correct fit, was the key to our son’s wonderful opportunity!”

Andy & Tracy Claeys
parents of Jack Claeys (Northwestern)

“Elite Sports Advising has been a complete game changer in the recruiting process for our family. Elite has guided us through every imaginable element of the process and we have always felt like they have our son’s best interests in mind. If we have had questions, Elite has been there for us. If we have had problems, Elite has been there for us. The recruiting process can seem overwhelming at times, and Elite has been our anchor.”

Travis & Nancy Rogers
parents of Will Rogers (Arizona State University)

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