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Full Service Advising Program

For Qualifying Players

  • A dedicated advisor to guide you until a commitment is made
  • Monthly check-in calls with your personal advisor
  • Communication and feedback from college coaches
  • Developmental guidance throughout the process
  • Guidance on what showcases/camps to attend
  • Calls for every pre and post college visit
  • Final decision call about all schools involved

Request an evaluation for pricing.

Full Service Advising Program

For Qualifying Players

Request an evaluation for pricing.

Pre-College Hourly Consulting

Pre-College Players ages 14+

$150 for Initial Meeting

Post-High School Hourly Consulting

Post-High School Players

$150 for Initial Meeting

Comprehensive Video Evaluation

All Players ages 14+

$125 for one Video Evaluation.


NO. We NEVER guarantee any scholarships. Our goal is to help you get to a program that will be the best fit for you. Sometimes that means getting a scholarship, sometimes it doesn’t. We want players to be successful and happy where they end up, and sometimes they may pass up a scholarship to end up in a program that is a better fit for them.
If anyone ever does guarantee you a scholarship, you should run! It is an NCAA violation to guarantee a scholarship.

Our Full Service Program includes endorsing the player, and recommending them to applicable colleges. We have strong relationships at most colleges and universities across the country. The reason we have such strong relationships, is because we carefully screen players before we endorse them. College coaches know that they can trust our recommendations, because of our strict screening process.

In addition to an evaluation of talent, our Advisors also evaluate prospective clients on a number of other factors including (but not limited to):

  • Tools & Measureables
  • Desire to play at the next level
  • Work ethic
  • Accountability
  • Personal conduct
  • Ability to take criticism
  • Realistic about their playing ability
  • Parents who understand their role

Many of our clients are referrals from other clients, so it always helps if you have an endorsement from a current client of ours.


Elite Sports Advising has the strongest connections in the country when it comes to college baseball. Our expert Advisors have developed these connections and built a trustworthy reputation through years of experience and hard work in the industry. We regularly talk with coaches across the country, so we have a pulse on what different programs are looking for and which players would do well with the different coaching staffs.

When we recommend players to programs, we are often texting with a coach or having conversations with them about the specific players. Coaches trust our recommendations, and often make offers based on them.

While the majority of our Full Service Clients are high end players, we do work with players at all levels. To qualify for the Full Service Program, you don’t necessarily have to be a high end player. In addition to D1, we place many players in D2, D3, and JUCO programs. It’s all about finding the right fit for the player.

Unfortunately, we do run into this a fair amount. The recruiting space is a place where people sometimes try to make a quick buck, and take advantage of players and parents who are trying to navigate this confusing process.

The first step would be to contact us to request an evaluation. If you qualify for our Full Service Program, and you want to move forward with us, we require that you discontinue your relationship with any other recruiting services. Our program is not designed to be in conjunction with any other recruiting service.

There are many differentiators that make ELITE the leader in recruiting advising. A few of the main reasons we are different:

  • Network with college coaches – We have the strongest network with college coaches than any other recruiting service in the country. Many college coaches are even our personal friends. Coaches rely heavily on our recommendations, and they know that we always have the best interest in mind for the players and will never recommend a player to a program that would not be a good fit. Even if that is not what the player wants to hear.
  • Focused approach to the process – We have designed a specific process that every player goes through, and there are reasons behind every step that we take the player through. Each process ends up looking different, but the end result is always the same: the player gets to a program where they can thrive.
  • Screening process

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Yes! The transition to a college program is difficult, and can be overwhelming for some kids. We mentor post-high school players, and we help kids adjust to college life. Sometimes this means transferring, and we can help .

If you are struggling and would like to talk with an Advisor, book an Initial Meeting.


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Comprehensive Video Evaluation

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