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Our Advisors have the experience necessary to get you to the right program.

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We put the player first in all we do. Their future success is our top priority.

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College coaches trust us, and rely on our recommendations when building their rosters.

D1 Players

We have successfully placed over 350 players at
D1 Programs.


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who is elite sports advising?

Elite Sports Advising is not just one person. We are a team of experts in the field of college recruiting with over 75 years of collegiate and professional experience. Coast to coast, we have advisors in every region of the country that make up our vast network of connections with college coaches. That network has helped us place over 450 D1 baseball players, and countless D2, D3, and JUCO baseball players over the last 12 years. Our strength is in our ELITE process and team, and that will never change.

it’s more than just
the placement

Our team has placed over 450 D1 baseball players, and countless D2, D3, and JUCO baseball players over the past 12 years. But that’s not what it’s all about. Our Recruiting Advisors know that it’s not just about placing a baseball player, it’s about matching them with a great program that they will love, and where they will thrive as a player and as a person.

what our clients say

I am forever grateful for Elite because of the support and clarity they provided during a very uncertain time in my life."

Matt Hopfner
(Northwestern University)

"1 am forever grateful to Justin and Elite Sports Advising for the help and support they have given me and my family."

Drew Gilbert
(University of Tennessee)

"Elite Sports Advising is truly the best at what they do for high school baseball players."

Ryan Wrobleski
(Dallas Baptist University)

"Elite Sports Advising is 100% in favor of the player/family and helping them find the best fit."

Michael Busch

“ Without the help of Elite Sports Advising, it’s very likely that I never would have found the right school for me to develop, and therefore I never would have even had a chance of playing professionally, let alone making it to the Majors.” JOEY GERBER, SEATTLE MARINERS, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS


you only have one chance

Every player has a small window to greatly impact their chances of playing college baseball. This window is the recruiting process, and that is what we do. Don’t face this process alone. You need a trusted advisor to help you prepare for and navigate through the recruiting process, to make sure you have the best opportunity to end up in a program where you will thrive. You need someone who will put you and your interests first. You need Elite Sports Advising. We are the expert authority on the recruiting process. We are changing the way recruiting is done, through our groundbreaking ELITE process and unmatched network.

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