• Matthew Strother - UCSB
  • Nathan Berg - Xavier
  • Sam Hunt - Vanderbilt
  • Kevin Karstetter - Florida Atlantic University
  • Jake Zaetta - ARMY WEST POINT
  • Jake Thompson - Kentucky
  • Connor Johnsen - Utah Utes
  • Burke Camper - Towson University
  • Will Roguske - Illinois State
  • David Roderick - OU
  • Zack Elliott - Minnesota Gophers
  • Nate Shoemaker - Creighton
  • Stephen Sewruk - Benedictine U
  • Austin Nikolas - NDSU Commit
  • Ryan Sleeper - UNC Commit
  • Ari Gordon - Bradley University
  • Jonah Watt - Central Arkansas
  • Yianni Skeriotis - OHIO STATE U
  • Mason Nadolney - Jacksonville U
  • Nathaniel Peterson - OSU Cowboys
  • Will Eckland - Army West Point
  • Eddie Rivero
  • Mac Horvath
  • Andrew Walker - Xavier
  • Kenji Suzuki - Clemson Tigers
  • Barron Holtz
  • Alec Lubas - ETSU
  • Michael Caron - Drury University
  • Joe Rock - Ohio U.
  • Eric Rinzel - MIZZOU
  • Ryan Och - Southern Miss
  • Jimmy Ramsey - Kentucky Wildcats
  • Charlie Fischer - Southern Miss
  • Max Gamm - U Nebraska Omaha
  • Ryan Kuntz - Brown University
  • Henry Miller - Xavier
  • Noah Weiner - Ohio University
  • Pierce Blohowiak - Yale University

A Proven Method

Our method assures each athlete is fit to schools that meet their goals.

Honest Evaluation

An honest evaluation sets expectations for everyone involved (players, families, coaches, etc.).  While we strongly believe that with hard work and dedication players can and will grow athletically and academically, it is critical that players and families agree on our evaluation.

Personal Goals

Before reaching out to any programs, we sit down with each player and family and focus on understanding goals at the next level: athletic, academic, geographic, campus life, etc.  A perfect fit for one athlete is rarely (if ever) perfect for another.  We use these goals to drive the process.

Website & Skills Video

We create a custom website and skills video for each of our players using the latest technology to highlight the athlete…other places provide similar services, but we are constantly working with coaches and recruiters to make sure ours is the best.

National Network

Using everything that we’ve learned about an athlete, we determine exactly which programs fit their needs.  We’ve built a reputation nationwide and coaches know that we’ll only contact them about players that fit their programs.  It’s this trust from coaches that gives our athletes true exposure.





Our service only works if we can keep both sides of the equation (player/family and program) happy.

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what people say

Our son, Max, had to deal with health issues in his junior year.  Thankfully, Justin and his team of advisors kept us from panicking or settling for lessor options by advising us to just get him healthy and assuring us that there would be opportunities into the spring of his senior season.  Justin’s trust in our son’s abilities never wavered and he translated that into offers from several excellent programs by promoting him to the right schools. Max ended up signing with the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in late May of his senior year.

Max Gamm
Robb and Morli GammParents of Max - University of Nebraska Omaha - Commit

Literally, the day after we signed an agreement with Justin, Sam was on the phone speaking with recruiting coordinators from elite, nationally-ranked, Division 1 programs. With Justin’s help, we received multiple, top-dollar, scholarship offers from these schools. Our dream for Sam was to have him attend the most academically challenging college and athletically competitive baseball program that we could find. Vanderbilt easily meets those criteria.

Sam Hunt
David Hunt and Joan StaveleyParents of Sam Hunt - Vanderbilt Commit

Understanding and navigating the process of college baseball recruiting is a very difficult task for both parents and athletes. I have no doubt that without the guidance from Justin Musil and his team at Elite Sports Advising, my son Jimmy would still be waiting for college offers that might not ever come.

Jimmy Ramsey
Jim and Joyce RamseyParents of Jimmy Ramsey - University of Kentucky

Elite's reputation within the sporting community was instrumental in generating numerous interests from across all divisional levels of college baseball. Justin strongly advised and encouraged us not to be blinded by the D1 myopia that so many high school players encountered, but to stay focused on our goal regarding the 'best place' for Ian to grow and develop completely as a student athlete.

Ian Hussain
Jack and Ann HussainParents of Ian Hussain - Trinity College (2016 D3 Champions)

Matt committed to University of North Dakota his junior year and in April of his senior year, we found out they cancelled our program.  We were shocked.  Fortunately, we had Elite Sports.  Justin continually communicated with us as opportunities arose.  He let coaches know when Matt would be throwing and encouraged them to attend.  Undoubtedly, Justin's credibility with college coaches convinced them that a flight to Minnesota was worth their time.  In the end, our son chose Southern Miss and we couldn't be happier.

Matt Wallner
John WallnerFather of Matt Wallner - University of Southern Mississippi

You provided your honest opinion of what would be the best fir for Nick and where he could realistically achieve his goals.  You guided us to the right showcases and camps that would get Nick the most exposure.  At the end of the day, you became a true friend to our family and made the recruiting process easy to understand and fun.  Without you, Nick would not be signed to play at the University of Kentucky!

Nick Hanson
Dan and Lisa HansonParents of Nick Hanson - University of Kentucky (79th Overall Pick by Reds)

Before working with Elite, we wasted considerable resources on camps and showcases that had little possibility of getting us where we wanted...but we didn’t know any better.  Elite helped us save time and money and was honest, available, and realistic.

Henry Eilen
Tom and Darla EilenParents of Henry Eilen - Dartmouth Commit

It is evident to us that the opportunities would not have been available without your connectivity to the collegiate baseball programs around the country.  Your knowledge of the colleges, sports programs and desire to help the athlete find the correct fit was the key to our son’s wonderful opportunity!  We were most impressed by the relationship you developed with our son...thanks for caring about the athlete beyond the field.  

Jack Claeys
Andy & Tracy ClaeysParents of Jack Claeys - Northwestern University

Without Justin's contacts, we probably would have been limited to offers from local schools.  Through Justin’s network, we were able to explore the outstate options which provided our son with an awesome recruiting experience.  

Toby Hanson
PJ & Jeanne HansonParents of Toby Hanson - University of Minnesota

Elite's connections are across the board from low D3 all the way to high D1 schools. Justin sent coaches from around the country videos and invited them to come and watch Michael’s games saving us a ton of money that we'd have spent traveling to showcases.  It was a dream of his to play at a big school like UNC and without Elite, he would not have been going to a school like this. 

Michael Busch
Judy & Mike BuschParents of Michael Busch - University of North Carolina

Experienced Advisors.  Personal Service.

Our five man team of advisors work together to make sure that every athlete that works with Elite gets the personalized service they expect. 

How to get evaluated by Elite Sports Advising?