Why Coaches Trust Us

We Police Ourselves

We are very careful and deliberate about reaching out to programs.  We will never contact a program that we don’t think a player fits.  Coaches REALLY appreciate this.  If we did reach out to every top level program for everyone of our athletes regardless of fit, the coaches would lose faith in us and quit taking our calls.  For this reason, coaches know that when we contact them about a player, it’s going to be worth their time.  If a player isn’t skilled enough or would never attend the school for other reasons, we won’t waste the coaches’ time (or our own or the player/families).  We act as an extra filter for coaches looking to fill their rosters.

We Are Great Talent Evaluators

We’re constantly watching baseball at every level.  We literally evaluate thousands of high school players every season.  We attend college games from power five D1 schools through D3 and JuCo.  This helps us keep our pulse on where players fit and what type of players different programs recruit.  If coaches can rely on us for unbiased evaluations, they save significant time.

We are Honest

We are honest with players, families, and coaches about where we think a player fits.  We work tirelessly to get our players into the best programs possible, but we’ll never promise scholarships, D1 offers, etc.  We know players grow and improve with hard work and we are in constant contact with our players to keep our eyes on these improvements.  We set realistic expectations with our players based on our knowledge of college baseball.  Coaches know we’re not trying to squeeze our players into programs they don’t belong.

We Are Unbiased

While other teams and companies try to oversell their players for bragging rights to future players, we know that approach will destroy the trust of our coaches.  We love challenging our players and have faith in their growth, but we have no desire to push a player into a situation they don’t belong.  Coaches know that, unlike these other teams and companies, we’ll be honest with them.

How to get evaluated by Elite Sports Advising?