The Elite Difference

College recruiting is not a one size fits all process…We get that.

Elite Sports Advising and Club Baseball

We are NOT a club team.  While we do love club baseball, we have a completely different focus.

Our Focus

Identify Top Student Athletes

Understand Student Athlete / Family Goals

Meet with College Coaches / Recruiters to Understand Program and School

Match Student Athlete Goals with Programs

Personally Reach Out to College Coaches for Student Athletes


Club Coach Focus

Recruit Players for all Teams (18U, 17U, 16U, 15U, etc.)

Organize Tournaments and Travel / Hotel Logistics

Manage Rosters of 14-18 Players per Team

Coach Multiple Games each Week / Weekend

Organize Practice Schedules

Hire and Manage Coaches for all Teams

Handle Parents Questions/Concerns for all Teams

Manage Development Program (Instruction, Throwing, Lifting, Hitting)

Deal with Facilities Issues and Upkeep

Manage Finances for all Teams

Purchase Equipment for all Teams (jerseys, pants, balls, bats, catcher’s gear, etc.)

Possibly Contact Colleges for all Players (often over 75 players)

Elite Sports Advising does partner with a number of club teams to provide additional exposure to their players.

We’re not a factory that is trying to work with everyone willing to pay.

Elite Sports vs National Recruiting Services

Elite Sports Advising does work across the US as well as into Canada, so we are a national company.  However, we are in no way a “factory” and pride ourselves on our personal approach.

We are a team of advisors that focuses on providing personal service for a select group of student athletes.  We are much different than the national recruiting services.


Anyone and everyone can pay to work with national advising services.  The personal service we provide means that we can only work with a small group of student athletes.

Contact Method

Mass spam emails are the main method national services use to contact programs and we know college coaches and recruiters ignore these.  We pick up our phones and call/text our contacts or else send a personalized message on behalf of each student athlete.


National services will contact any program you want.  We will only reach out to programs that fit YOU.  College coaches / recruiters love the filtering we do and know any player we send them is worth looking into.

How to get evaluated by Elite Sports Advising?