Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

It is our role as the recruiting experts to provide honest feedback and to do what is best for the client.  

We promise to be truthful in all circumstances, even when it is not what the client wants to hear.  

All services are provided until the client has committed to a school, unless client chooses to no longer pursue a college baseball career in which case the services would end upon that decision.

Client agrees to authorize Elite Sports Advising to send information to the colleges on behalf of the client for promotional purposes.

This agreement does not guarantee a scholarship.

Client agrees to authorize Elite Sports Advising to his/her image, name, and/or description in any and all advertising, marketing, and or promotional campaigns related to Elite Sports Advising. Client hereby releases Elite Sports Advising from any liability resulting from the reproduction or distribution of advertising, marketing, and promotional materials containing name, image and/or description. This consent and release is given without any promise of compensation or reimbursement.

Elite Sports Advising will never sell Client’s contact information to a third party.