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Prior to being evaluated, please read through our expectations for student athletes & families that we work with.

Skill Level

While the majority of our athletes are high-end D1/D2 candidates, we work with players at all levels and have great relationships from high D1 through D3 & JuCo.  If you’ve proven yourself to be a top level baseball player and want to find the right school for the next level, we want to hear from you.

Player Expectations


We are upfront and honest with where we think a student athlete fits.  Players and families must understand our responsibility to coaches.  For example, we aren’t going to contact Stanford unless you’ve got the grades and baseball tools to compete there.


Each student athlete that we work with is expected to be dedicated to bettering themselves on and off the field throughout our relationship.  Coaches, even after commitment, are still evaluating you as a player and person.  When a player signs on with Elite, they are representing themselves, their families, and also Elite Sports Advising throughout the recruiting process.


While we are focused on baseball, we also want to see student athletes grow into respectable men.  We hold our athletes to the highest standards on and off the field and expect them to conduct themselves accordingly.

If you feel you are a candidate for Elite Sports Advising, use the form below to let us know who you are.  We’d love to hear from you!