Post-High School Consulting

A great option for players who are now playing at the next level, and need some guidance. Our trusted Advisors have worked with hundreds of players through the recruiting process and beyond, and they know how challenging it can be to adjust to post-high school baseball. They know how to help players transition successfully, and evaluate when they may need to make changes.

  • Full Scouting Evaluation and Recommendations for Improvement
  • Advising Topics May Include:
    • Adjusting to College – New Coaching Styles, Teammates, Life Away from Home…
    • What is the Parent’s Role Now?
    • Training & Development Guidance and Recommendations for Helpful Resources
    • Evaluating Transfer Options and other Transfer Questions
    • Managing the JUCO to 4-Year Transition
    • Other Questions and Mentoring Topics
  • Initial Meeting is $150 for a 45 minute consultation, and includes a follow-up email from your Advisor with an action plan
  • Follow up Consulting Options Available, ranging from $70-$80 per Consultation