Justing Musil​

Justing Musil

Founder And CEO

Justin has been around baseball his entire life, and knew at a young age that it would always be a major part of who he is. After college he spent some time in the Corporate world, then eventually decided to turn his love of baseball into a career. He worked briefly for a National Recruiting Service, and quickly realized that there was an incredible need for a more personalized approach to helping families through the recruiting process. In 2012, he founded Elite Sports Advising, and began his life’s work of scouting and helping families navigate the college baseball recruiting process. Because of his scouting ability and knack for building relationships, Justin’s reputation quickly grew in the college baseball community. He soon became close friends with many coaches at schools across the country.

These relationships and his credibility have led to many opportunities for him. Because of his unique ability to identify talent, and match that talent with the appropriate school, he has earned widespread respect across the industry that has made him one of the most recognizable names in college baseball.

He has personally helped hundreds of baseball players achieve their goal of playing college baseball at a school that they love. He has worked with over 350+ Division 1 players. It’s not all about Division 1 baseball though, it is all about finding the right fit. He has worked with hundreds of players at the D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO level as well.

Justin has been sought after by MLB organizations and has been offered jobs in college baseball as well. It is only through his personal relationships where he has built the tremendous contacts he has in baseball.

In 2017, Justin started the Baseball Recruiting Confidential podcast, which has quickly become the most popular college baseball recruiting podcast.

Justin resides in Eden Prairie, MN with his wife Amanda, and two daughters Evianna and Elouise.