Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elite Sports Advising?

Personalized college recruiting advisors who work with elite high school baseball players and help them find an athletic and academic fit at the next level.

Our son is playing club ball and going to showcases. Why do we need Elite Sports Advising?

Elite Sports Advising is not a replacement for Club or Showcases.  We 100% focus on recruiting and matching you to colleges by personally contacting them.  Club coaches have to coach, plan tourneys, and help out 65 players with everything baseball related. Showcases might bring in some college coaches (typically local), but they don’t know what your college goals are…so the value of this is exposure is often limited.  In addition to contacting colleges, we help advise on club teams to play on and showcases to attend.

We pay for NCSA and Baseball Factory (national recruiting services), why is ESA better?

These companies have a much different model than Elite Sports Advising and due to the fact they are after numbers, they have to resort to sending out mass emails.  As you can imagine, college coaches don’t have the time for mass (spam) emails.

Why is your network better than our club coaches?  Why should we trust that you have a great network?

Our network is critically important to us.  We won’t push you to a program that doesn’t fit your goals/skills.  For this reason, coaches can count on us for players suitable to their programs.  If we push the wrong players to a program, the coach will quit listening…they don’t want their time wasted.  Coaches trust us.  Our job is to understand what type of players a program is looking for and where a player best fits…club coaches need to do a lot of other things for a lot of players.  

Still have questions?

Feel free to email us at with any additional questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to get evaluated by Elite Sports Advising?