Elite Value

Let us guess…

You’re emailing coaches on your own…you’ve attended some showcases…your club coach emailed some schools for you…you’re on mailing lists for big schools about their camps…You’re doing all the same things your buddies are doing.

So why do you need Elite Sports Advising?

We Save you time and money

There are hundreds of showcases and camps to go to, but it’s just not possible to go to everyone and it gets expensive.  We’ll save you a lot of time and money letting you know which showcases and camps to attend…and don’t worry, we don’t have any showcase affiliations or ulterior motives.

A quick example…one of our athletes was heading to a showcase tourney 8 hours away from their home.  Since their parents had taken the whole day off for the drive, we called two programs that our athlete was interested in and setup visits with the coaches that they could make on the drive.  This made the showcase trip more productive and saved the parents some vacation time!  This is just one of the many ways we help save time and money through the recruiting process.

We provide a real tangible product…it’s not just smoke and mirrors

In addition to the non material benefits that we provide (our trusted network, personalized strategy, etc.), there are a lot of concrete services and products that you receive by working with us which can include:

  • Advice on Showcases & Camps (up to ~$350 per camp or showcase that we can save you)
  • Scouts Evaluation
  • Personal Emails, Texts, and Phone Calls to Coaches & Recruiters
  • Advice on putting together great evaluation videos
We give you a Peace of Mind

We are advisors that you can trust for help through what can be a difficult process.  We focus on the player / family goals and you can rest assured that all options are on the table when it is time to make a decision.

A few other intangible benefits we provide that you can’t put a price on:

  • Strategy on when to contact coaches
  • Answers to questions day and night on all things recruiting
  • Knowledge of college campuses throughout the nation
  • Knowledge of coaching staffs at programs throughout the nation (sometimes a player might not mesh with a coaching style…we help educate on the different coaching styles)
  • Trusted network of college coaches…we’re honest with them and they’re honest with us to make this process efficient
We Offer Advice on Scholarships

One thing that we will NEVER do is guarantee any offers or scholarships to our athletes.  We match student athletes to programs and that often results in programs that want to offer scholarships to student athletes.  Due to our vetting process and our ability to identify top talent, the majority of our athletes do receive scholarships (as of this publication, our last 6 commits received a total of $500,000 in scholarships).

But again, we DO NOT guarantee scholarships of any sort.

We do provide advice to families once athletes do receive scholarships (academic and athletic) and help them navigate decisions related to scholarships.

How to get evaluated by Elite Sports Advising?